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Autism, the Biome and Extreme Frustration

Fortunately, it’s a beautiful summer day outside and Alex has had a great few days… or else, I’d really be in one of my moods.  Why?  “Experts have called for large-scale studies into altering the make-up of bacteria in the gut, after a review… Continue Reading “Autism, the Biome and Extreme Frustration”

Diet and the Microbiome

I found a new article[i] this week, just published, on the influence of diet on the gut microbiome.  Pretty interesting stuff:  diet can cause temporary shifts within 24 hours of consumption. The article is too complex to describe in detail so just a few… Continue Reading “Diet and the Microbiome”

Alex and Autism: His Perfect Storm

As promised, a little about Alex’s hellishly awful start to life.  Looking back – which I really, really try not to do, as it only causes me pain (but I’ve had some emails of readers asking so here goes) – it does seem as… Continue Reading “Alex and Autism: His Perfect Storm”

A Big Day for the Biome Buzz!

Ok…I am a little googly-eyed today.  Not a screaming and fainting at the sight of the Beatles kind of hysteria –a more a refined, intellectual, only-slightly-girly kind of fandom.  🙂 So here is my embarrassing confession for the day: only once in my life… Continue Reading “A Big Day for the Biome Buzz!”

March 22: A Day for More Brooding

I have always been a brooder.  My brain pretty much never shuts down anyway, and once I latch onto something that upsets me, I’m like a pit bull – I don’t let go.  So what am I still contemplating?  (Actually, better said…fuming over?)  Yes,… Continue Reading “March 22: A Day for More Brooding”

Science and SCD

Ok, ok!  Just one more post on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and then I will (temporarily) shut up about it.  It’s all residual excitement over that pediatric clinical trial from last week.  I feel like that was the first major leak in the mainstream… Continue Reading “Science and SCD”