Autism and the Microbiome: A Summary of What We Know Now

Two days ago, I spotted a short commentary[i] in the journal, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, from this past August, which really caught my attention. Here is why:  it was written by 3 researchers in the department of neurology at Rutgers University’s medical school who state that, “We will explore the potential for treatment of … Read more

More on the Mycobiome and IBD

I just finished reading a great blog post[i] (by a post-doc scientist at the NIH) on the current state of research into the mycobiome and its effects on inflammatory bowel disease.  I learned several new things…and some things are just so important, they’re worth repeating: Those with inflammatory bowel disease have higher levels of antibodies … Read more

The Mycobiome, the Bacterial Microbiome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

An interesting piece of research[i] was present last week at a conference in Chicago.  Firstly, as I’ve talked about before on this blog, it’s important to remember that humans’ incredibly complex natural ecosystems have a mycobiome (native yeast population), just as we have a bacterial microbiome and should have a macrobiome, and without a doubt, … Read more