The Prophylactic Use of Probiotics (to Combat Microbiome Alterations Due to C-section and Early Life Antibiotic Use)

The article I read yesterday was a natural follow-on from my last post, about autism and its relationship to perturbations in the gut microbiome. This one was about a double-blind, placebo-controlled study using probiotics to restore normal gut microbiota in infants who were either born via c-section or given antibiotics early in life.[i] Before I … Read more

The Negative (Biome) Side of Moving to the USA

Last week, a really interesting new study[i] was published in the journal, Cell, detailing how immigrating to the USA negatively impacts the gut bacteria.  Researchers looked at people from Southeast Asia and found that there was a significant reduction in the diversity of gut microbes with each subsequent generation, culminating with their microbiota resembling those of … Read more

GMO Probiotics?

A corollary truth to the conclusion of my last post, “Mother Nature knows best,” is that tinkering with her finely tuned system can cause massive changes downstream.  There’s definitely a biological butterfly effect to consider. (For those not familiar, the Butterfly Effect is defined as “The scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how … Read more