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Your Brain on Intestinal Bacteria

I got back from the UK on Sunday night.  I had a wonderful time talking helminths with practitioners from all over the world at the International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine…and of course, having a pint in the pub! With one of my BFFs, Marc. … Continue Reading “Your Brain on Intestinal Bacteria”

Schizophrenia and the Gut

In my last post, I mentioned illnesses that are now associated with alterations in the microbiome, and included schizophrenia in that list.  Out of curiosity, I’d looked it up a few days prior to writing that post.  Sure enough, I found quite a bit,… Continue Reading “Schizophrenia and the Gut”

More New Research on the Gut-Brain Connection in Parkinson’s

As I’ve mentioned before, already having 2 friends with Parkinson’s has made me particularly interested in anything that might help.  Recently, research[i] came out showing that people who have had an operation called a truncal vagotomy – in which sections of the vagus nerve… Continue Reading “More New Research on the Gut-Brain Connection in Parkinson’s”

My Trip to Moscow

Well, to sum it all up, my week in Moscow was a remarkable experience in so many different ways.  The city is magnificent – one of those places that is so saturated in history, that it permeates everything.  You feel it in your bones.… Continue Reading “My Trip to Moscow”

GUEST POST: BY DR. WILLIAM PARKER, The Autism/Acetaminophen Link – Summary of Research

I am leaving for Russia in a little more than a week, to talk about the therapeutic use of helminths in autism at the Autism Challenges and Solutions Conference, in Moscow.  Also speaking there is Dr. William Parker, one of the foremost researchers into… Continue Reading “GUEST POST: BY DR. WILLIAM PARKER, The Autism/Acetaminophen Link – Summary of Research”

Yet Another Brood, re: IBD…Or…Another Big Judy Eye Roll

Ok, so…remember how I’ve told you that I was a brooder?  And that I didn’t let go of things once I’m angry or upset?  And, um, remember that I have been kinda fuming over that post[i] from a few weeks ago by Dr. Mercola?…the… Continue Reading “Yet Another Brood, re: IBD…Or…Another Big Judy Eye Roll”

Another Look at the Microbiota/Macrobiota Connection

I am preparing slides for a talk I’m giving on helminths at an autism conference in Moscow at the end of the month.  I’m struggling more than I usually do because there is an overwhelming amount of information to try to fit into a… Continue Reading “Another Look at the Microbiota/Macrobiota Connection”

Autism, the Biome and Potential Treatments

Fist pump!  A paper that actually presents information that can help people who are sick!  Woopa! As promised, here is a summary of that fantastic article[i] about autism and the biome that I discovered on Dr. MacFabe’s new website.  I’ve ranted enough over the… Continue Reading “Autism, the Biome and Potential Treatments”

A Big Day for the Biome Buzz!

Ok…I am a little googly-eyed today.  Not a screaming and fainting at the sight of the Beatles kind of hysteria –a more a refined, intellectual, only-slightly-girly kind of fandom.  🙂 So here is my embarrassing confession for the day: only once in my life… Continue Reading “A Big Day for the Biome Buzz!”

March 22: A Day for More Brooding

I have always been a brooder.  My brain pretty much never shuts down anyway, and once I latch onto something that upsets me, I’m like a pit bull – I don’t let go.  So what am I still contemplating?  (Actually, better said…fuming over?)  Yes,… Continue Reading “March 22: A Day for More Brooding”