The Potential Anti-Cancer Power of “Parasites”

I have read the vast majority of papers ever written on the subject of therapeutic helminths, and cannot, for the life of me, remember reading one that specifically addresses their potential anti-cancer effects.  I knew that helminths’ inflammation-modulating effect should theoretically be highly beneficial in terms of lowering cancer risk, but today, for the first … Read more

Bacterial Alterations in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Case of the Missing Akkermansia?

Yesterday, I read a study[i] done on 55 people which showed substantial and distinct alterations of the gut bacteria in people with Alzheimer’s disease versus healthy controls.  More than that: the blood of those affected showed higher levels of bacterial toxins, meaning that their gut lining is inflamed and leaky, these toxins are able to … Read more


Warning:  I am not a ray of sunshine today. Yesterday, I was at the funeral of my very loved aunt, who just died of cancer.  I’ve also lost a grandmother and 3 friends to cancer (leukemia, brain, and liver)…and have had multiple scares with other friends and relatives (ovarian, breast, prostate, etc.), who, thank goodness, … Read more

Inflammaging: Yet Another Good Reason to Work on Biome Health

Inflammaging = age related chronic inflammation.  It’s become a really hot word – and it sums up a lot of new findings lately. This week, the big excitement is study just published in Frontiers in Immunology.[i]  Researchers in the Netherlands transplanted gut bacteria from young and old mice into young, germ-free mice, and measured immune … Read more