The Prophylactic Use of Probiotics (to Combat Microbiome Alterations Due to C-section and Early Life Antibiotic Use)

The article I read yesterday was a natural follow-on from my last post, about autism and its relationship to perturbations in the gut microbiome. This one was about a double-blind, placebo-controlled study using probiotics to restore normal gut microbiota in infants who were either born via c-section or given antibiotics early in life.[i] Before I … Read more

Autism and the Microbiome: A Summary of What We Know Now

Two days ago, I spotted a short commentary[i] in the journal, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, from this past August, which really caught my attention. Here is why:  it was written by 3 researchers in the department of neurology at Rutgers University’s medical school who state that, “We will explore the potential for treatment of … Read more

Eating Fiber During Pregnancy…Likely a Really Good Idea

Ok,  on Tuesday I promised you a markedly less depressing post next time.  So here goes!  (And please note irresistibly cute, happy photo of little piglets included…) A funny little coincidence this morning…. (But first, a quick primer on fiber, which I talk about regularly on this blog as its importance cannot be understated: Fiber … Read more

Autism and Desulfovibrio Bacteria: A Throw Back Thursday Gem

Today is a throw-back-Thursday.  I pulled out my overstuffed, supersized binder of great research articles I’ve collected over the years and arbitrarily flipped to one to write about.  It dates from 2011, and in this analysis of gut bacteria in children with regressive autism versus controls, the researcher found high levels of Desulfovibrio.[i]  (He also … Read more