Autism and the Microbiome: A Summary of What We Know Now

Two days ago, I spotted a short commentary[i] in the journal, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, from this past August, which really caught my attention. Here is why:  it was written by 3 researchers in the department of neurology at Rutgers University’s medical school who state that, “We will explore the potential for treatment of … Read more

Interesting Bits and Pieces About Autism, Akkermansia and More Things You Can Do Now

I know you were all missing your Tuesday post from me. 🙂  I was on my way home from Florida, where we saw my son’s autism doctor. So with autism on my mind, I thought I’d share a little article[i] I found today that ties together several topics I’ve covered in the last month or … Read more

Autism, the Regulatory Immune System and Microbiome Alterations

Yet another paper was just published this week, confirming yet again that children on the autism spectrum have both dysregulated immune systems and altered bacterial microbiomes.[i] There were certainly some particularly interesting and novel findings in this research. The study consisted of 4 groups of children (a total of 103 were involved):  one with autism … Read more