The Prophylactic Use of Probiotics (to Combat Microbiome Alterations Due to C-section and Early Life Antibiotic Use)

The article I read yesterday was a natural follow-on from my last post, about autism and its relationship to perturbations in the gut microbiome. This one was about a double-blind, placebo-controlled study using probiotics to restore normal gut microbiota in infants who were either born via c-section or given antibiotics early in life.[i] Before I … Read more

Helminths and Allergies: Another Look at an Immigrant Population

In my last post, I talked about how microbiome depletion results from immigrating to the United States (and subsequent dietary changes), which leads to obesity and metabolic diseases.  I promised to tell you more about immigrant studies on biome depletion so today I am addressing a paper from 2 years ago in which researchers describe … Read more

Do Our Helminths Make Us Human?

I have written before about the work of Dr. Jamie Lorimer, of Oxford University.  I was very excited yesterday when a friend sent me his newest paper, which examines the history of the helminth/human relationship[i] A few favorite parts to share with you:  When we first discovered germs, medical science came to view anything not … Read more

Autism, the Regulatory Immune System and Microbiome Alterations

Yet another paper was just published this week, confirming yet again that children on the autism spectrum have both dysregulated immune systems and altered bacterial microbiomes.[i] There were certainly some particularly interesting and novel findings in this research. The study consisted of 4 groups of children (a total of 103 were involved):  one with autism … Read more

Helminths: More on Our Missing Old Friends

I just finished reading an interesting new article from the journal, Trends in Parasitology, “Can Parasitic Worms Cure the Modern World’s Ills?”[i]  A few highlights: The first subsection is entitled, “Worms Really May be Good for You, After All.”  (Um…yup.)   “…exposure to such persistent, tolerated infections…appears to be required early in life for induction of … Read more

More New Bacterial Microbiome Research that You Need to Know About

Two new pieces of research came out this week which I need to share. The first I found particularly fascinating.  We know that there is a bi-directional interaction between the central nervous system and the bacterial microbiome, but HOW nerves direct bacteria was unknown.  Researchers at Kiel University, in German, using the freshwater polyp Hydra … Read more

Backwards Evolution? The Case of the Increasing Allergies

I thought I’d tell you about a little noted news report[i] that seemed to receiver remarkably little attention.   According to the nonprofit organization FAIR health, severe allergic reactions to food  skyrocketed nearly 400% over the last decade.  The researchers analyzed private insurance claims in the United States involving anaphylactic food reactions. Peanuts were the most … Read more