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Staying Young, Healthy and Chock Full of Akkermansia

You know how whenever you learn a new word, for example, suddenly it appears everywhere?  I have been having that experience of late with all kinds of tie-ins to recent posts.  Coincidences or…is it just that the Biome Buzz is so trending that I’m…

Interesting Bits and Pieces About Autism, Akkermansia and More Things You Can Do Now

I know you were all missing your Tuesday post from me. 🙂  I was on my way home from Florida, where we saw my son’s autism doctor. So with autism on my mind, I thought I’d share a little article[i] I found today that…

Boosting Levels of Akkermansia to Improve Glucose Metabolism

After my last blog post about microbiome changes in Alzheimer’s, including a depletion of the bacteria, Akkermansia, I became curious.  It is not as yet included in any commercial probiotic so I got to wondering if there were any known ways of boosting levels….