Improving Health as We Age Through Manipulation of the Gut Microbiota

As you all know, one area of particular interest to me is healthy aging.  (After all, we are all getting older! ugh)  An interesting article appeared on Medical News Today[i] this past Friday that I thought I’d share.  It’s about new research, presented at a London conference on the microbiome last week, on how the … Read more

Age (and Eat) Like a Queen Bee

I spent several hours over the last couple of days surfing the internet, looking for interesting things to write about.  Nothing rocked my boat though until I came across an article about the microbiome of honey bees.[i] Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting at first but bear with me for a moment.  … Read more

Lactobacillus and Memory

An interesting little article[i] appeared in GeekWire this week about ongoing research looking at how probiotics affect memory.  Previous research already suggests that memory can be improved by supplementing with beneficial bacteria. Lactobacillus has been shown to improve cognition in Alzheimer’s as well. The article describes a recently published study on mice wherein mice were … Read more

New Information on the Microbiome and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Yet more research[i] has just been published showing the bacterial microbiome’s connection to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  A variety of bacteria (including ones found in the mouth) produce amyloid proteins (known as bacterial amyloids) similar to the ones produced naturally by our neurons.  (Remember, as I’ve described in a previous post, that amyloid … Read more