HDC (Helminths)

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The helminth, HDC, Hymenolepis diminuta cysticercoid, is available from the company, Biome Restoration Ltd, located in the UK.

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1 review for HDC (Helminths)

  1. David Highland

    I have used Hymenolepis diminutia cystercercoids for several years (it is recommended to allow 12-18 months to judge effectiveness). They have not been helpful to my condition (gastric reflux following a Helicobacter infection nearly 20 years ago) however they may be helpful in other auto-immune conditions. It is my belief that the gastric reflux I experience is, at least partly, food allergy based although I have had no medical diagnosis of this. The HDC arrive every 4 weeks, posted in a small vial. I add them to a glass of milk and drink them. They are poorly adapted to human hosts (being rat tape worms) and have a limited survival hence 4 weekly doses of about 20 cistercercoids. I have had no adverse medical effects but also no noticeable beneficial effects. The short lifespan in human hosts was a positive for me as I was concerned about infrequently observed adverse reactions with human whipworm and hookworm which were the alternate therapy choices. A company I approached to supply one of these alternates (hookworm I think) wanted payment in bitcoin which I assumed was to prevent their being pursued for any medical compensation claims.

    • biomebuzz

      Hi David. Taking HDC or TSO once very 4 weeks is not frequent enough dosing. As they only live about 2 weeks, so for best efficacy, you should be dosing at a maximum of once every 3 weeks, optimally 4. The number of organisms also plays a big factor. You may simply be under dosing, which is why you have not perceived any benefit.

      It’s also important to remember that helminths are not a cure for any disease. They are a means of modulating the immune system into a less inflamed state. They also have a beneficial effect on the gut bacteria. Reflux may because by mechanical issues, for example – not necessarily immune. If your condition is not caused by anything immune, helminths will have no effect.

      If you suspect that food allergy is involved though, your best bet is to experiment, and bump your dosing up for several months: take more organisms more frequently.

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