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Helminths, Protozoa and More Helminths – a Research Trifecta!

Helminths, helminths and more helminths here at The Biome Buzz today. Study #1:  from the European Journal of Neurology which shows that infection with Toxoplasmosis (an infection with the parasite, Toxoplasma gondii)  has a protective effect against the development of multiple sclerosis (MS).  That… Continue Reading “Helminths, Protozoa and More Helminths – a Research Trifecta!”

More on the Gut Immune-Brain Immune Systems Connection

Another area of study that seems to be exploding recently is the relationship between the gut and neurodegeneration.  Just 3 months ago, back in November, I wrote about research from Cambridge University which described their finding that the immune system of the brain is… Continue Reading “More on the Gut Immune-Brain Immune Systems Connection”

Probiotics for MS? Maybe yes, maybe no…

I keep pointing out to everyone how insanely complex is the human biome.  Everything affects everything else in a tangle that is beyond convoluted.  Well, just when you think you have something of a handle on that concept, some other piece of research comes… Continue Reading “Probiotics for MS? Maybe yes, maybe no…”

Multiple Sclerosis and Helminths: A Phase 2 Clinical Trial

I’m treating myself this week, writing about two of my favorite things:  first a post on “things you can do now,” and now a clinical trial, this one on using helminths to treat multiple sclerosis.[i]  This was a phase 2 study at the University… Continue Reading “Multiple Sclerosis and Helminths: A Phase 2 Clinical Trial”

Diet, Your Brain and Autoimmunity

By now, we all know that chronic and/or neurodegenerative diseases like MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, autism are all inflammatory and probably all derive from alterations to the gut biome.  I’ve written about all of them many times now (some links provided in the previous… Continue Reading “Diet, Your Brain and Autoimmunity”

Multiple Sclerosis and Propionic Acid: A Potential Treatment?

I’ve illustrated this post with a picture of Janus, the Roman god of, among other things, duality.  Every time I read about short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), I think of him. Over the years, I’ve written about the benefits of SCFAs many times. (Here’s… Continue Reading “Multiple Sclerosis and Propionic Acid: A Potential Treatment?”

The Promise of Helminths for Multiple Sclerosis

Today I get to write about something other than the bacterial microbiome!  Woopa! I was very happy to find a new paper on the possibilities of using helminths (helminth immunotherapy (HIT), as these authors call it) to prevent and alleviate multiple sclerosis (MS).[i]  … Continue Reading “The Promise of Helminths for Multiple Sclerosis”

Another Means of Manipulating the Gut Bacteria to Prevent MS?

Today’s a post is a shout-out to all you fans of Akkermansia muciniphila, which I’ve focused on in several posts in the past.   (For example, here and here, among others.) There were some pretty wild and amazing findings in a recent study out of… Continue Reading “Another Means of Manipulating the Gut Bacteria to Prevent MS?”

The Gut Bacteria and Sunshine Connection

There were several big news stories last week in the biome world.   One I posted on the Biome Buzz’ Facebook page last Thursday (the 24th) is about how experiments (in a rodent model) demonstrate that the gut bacteria play a significant role in controlling… Continue Reading “The Gut Bacteria and Sunshine Connection”

The Promise of Fecal Microbiota Transplant

Over the weekend, I read a great little article about the potential applications of fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) in treating a huge variety of diseases.[i]  Of course, we are sorely lacking in clinical trials for almost all but still, there is hope to be… Continue Reading “The Promise of Fecal Microbiota Transplant”