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Homing in on a Microbiome Culprit in ALS

And just like last week, the Weizmann Institute in Israel strikes again.  So much cutting edge research out of one place! As many of you may know from previous posts on this blog (look here and here, as just two of many examples), over… Continue Reading “Homing in on a Microbiome Culprit in ALS”

Helminths and Mental Health – Research Desperately Needed

I was very excited to see  a new paper[i] by Dr. William Parker and his colleague, Henry Kou, at Duke University, looking at the effects of the loss of our helminths and the relationship to mental illness.  The paper is, in some ways, a… Continue Reading “Helminths and Mental Health – Research Desperately Needed”

Migraine, Inflammation and Gut Bacteria

There was an article in Quartz this week about research, just published, showing that migraine is likely an inflammatory illness, not one of the central nervous system as it is currently classified.[i] Researchers at the University of Chicago found that migraine was genetically correlated… Continue Reading “Migraine, Inflammation and Gut Bacteria”