Stress and Our Missing Old Friends

Yesterday I devoted several hours to reading a fascinating article on the connection between stress and the microbiome.[i]  The conclusion:  the lack of exposure to our “old friends” (those commensal organisms with which humans co-evolved) has caused immune dysregulation, leading to a greater susceptibility to the adverse effects of stress…and that stress, in turn, has … Read more

Do Our Helminths Make Us Human?

I have written before about the work of Dr. Jamie Lorimer, of Oxford University.  I was very excited yesterday when a friend sent me his newest paper, which examines the history of the helminth/human relationship[i] A few favorite parts to share with you:  When we first discovered germs, medical science came to view anything not … Read more

Stress and Autoimmune Disease: A Relationship that is Becoming More Defined

One of the big medical news stories of the week was the results of 30 years’ worth of research published in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association), examining the connection between stress and the development of autoimmune disease.[i]  Over 1 million people in Sweden were tracked for 3 decades, and 100,000 of those … Read more