Synbiotics in Infancy: An Ounce of Prevention?

Today I came across an article in The Scientist about using a synbiotic (a combination of a probiotic and a prebiotic) to treat sepsis and lower the rate of respiratory infections in infants.[i]  Sepsis is an excessive inflammatory response to a bacterial infection that can lead to organ damage and death.  Infantile sepsis is apparently … More Synbiotics in Infancy: An Ounce of Prevention?

More on the Importance of Prebiotics

The recent research out of the University of California Davis on how prebiotics improve the quality of the microbiome is particularly fascinating.[i]  There is a constant battle between various bacterial species in the gut for dominance.  Prebiotics, you’ll recall, are indigestible dietary fibers that feed bacteria.  Certain foods are high in these fibers, like garlic, … More More on the Importance of Prebiotics

Migraine, Inflammation and Gut Bacteria

There was an article in Quartz this week about research, just published, showing that migraine is likely an inflammatory illness, not one of the central nervous system as it is currently classified.[i] Researchers at the University of Chicago found that migraine was genetically correlated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and environmentally correlated with urethritis (which … More Migraine, Inflammation and Gut Bacteria

Autism and Antibiotics

This week, I thought I’d spend some time going back to some of my personal favorite gut papers over the years.  I’m making today a TBT (throw back Tuesday)! In 2010, at an autism conference, I saw Dr. Jeremy Nicolson of Imperial College London present the findings he was just publishing in the Journal of … More Autism and Antibiotics

Immune Tolerance: A Great New Study

The biome buzz these past few days was on research that shows that the same bacteria can cause different immune responses in different gut environments.[i]  For many years, Helicobactor bacteria have been associated with stomach ulcers.  It was always strange though, in that, most people (two-thirds of the world’s population, according to WebMD[ii]) have the … More Immune Tolerance: A Great New Study

Helminths, Our Genes and Alzheimer’s – Mind Blowing!

One of the most interesting articles[i] I’ve read in a long time appeared in the New York Times this past weekend.  I highly recommend you take the time to read the whole thing but in case you’re pressed for time, here’s a quick synopsis: The ApoE4 gene is known as the Alzheimer’s gene.  Those of … More Helminths, Our Genes and Alzheimer’s – Mind Blowing!