About Me…and My Outre Interests

This blog is dedicated to all of you out there (and you know who you are) who are utterly mesmerized by what grows in our intestines.

As I have told my younger son time and time again…everyone is different.  Some of us more so than others.

I myself admit to having certain fascinations that are out of the ordinary.  Recently, a friend called me saying, “Hey!  I just had a colonoscopy and thought of you!”  I’ve walked into a conference room and heard, “Hey!  There’s the worm lady!”  And more often than I can say, I’ve gotten phone calls from people saying, “I have a poop question.”

How did this scatological fame come to be?  I have over 2 decades now deeply entrenched  in the world of chronic inflammatory illness.  I have 2 Master’s degrees, in special education and nutrition.  I have a deep-rooted love of science.  And when my son was diagnosed with autism 20+ years ago, the proverbial sh-t hit the fan…and life went straight down the toilet.

And it’s stayed there ever since, in large part because what I found down there was just so darn cool.

So, to sum up:  if you love science, if you are interested in our old friends (the macrobes and microbes that live in and on us), if you are interested in improving your health, you and I should hang out.



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