Akkermansia Fans: The Day You Have Been Waiting For!!!

There are going to be some VERY happy biome buzzers out there today!

I got pretty darn excited when I read over the weekend that the European Food Safety Authority (their version of the FDA) has confirmed that pasteurized Akkermansia municiphila is a safe food ingredient.[i]  That puts it solidly in the “probiotics” category.

My regular readers know that for years now, I’ve followed the research into this species of probiotic, and back in July of 2019, I first described to you research on a pasteurized version.  From that post, “Akkermansia is also one of my biggest interests, as a growing body of research shows it has powerful health effects, including helping with weight loss.”  You’ll remember that pasteurized (heat killed) Akkermansia has a very strange property:  as opposed to many other bacteria which lose efficacy when killed, Akkermansia actually has a greater effect.  Pasteurized Akkermansia has been shown to lead to a greater loss of fat mass, greater improvement in insulin resistance and dyslipidemia (raised cholesterol and/or triglycerides).  Also  established  more than once in humans and animals:  inactivated Akkermansia reduces risks of cardiovascular events in those who are overweight and obese.

I’ve been waiting and watching for changes in the regulatory landscape, hoping to see some movement toward making this “next generation” probiotic available for purchase.  The company A-Mansia Biotech,  located in Belgium, has the byline, “The Akkermansia Company.”  A few years ago, the company applied to the European authorities to make pasteurized Akkermansia a “novel food,” and their application was finally approved.  The company ran the first randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study of A. muciniphila in humans to determine not only safety but also to test insulin resistance, circulating lipids, visceral adiposity and body mass after 3 months of daily administration in those who are overweight or obese (and were suffering from metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance).  They also test gut barrier integrity and gut microbiota composition. The results showed that a dose of 10 billion units per day of pasteurized Akkermansia resulted in significantly reduced insulin resistance, blood insulin levels and cholesterol levels;  decreased body weight; reduced waist and hip circumference;  reduced liver dysfunction; reduced inflammation; significantly improved gut barrier integrity – all with no side effects. (Live Akkermansia also had good effect but not as strong.)

How is this possible?  If you look back at that 2 year old post, I describe the theory:  “They know from previous studies that the outer membrane of A. muciniphila contains a protein called Amuc_1100 which seems to induce many of the benefits associated with giving mice and humans pasteurized A. muciniphila. The researchers therefore believe that this mild heat inactivation, or pasteurization, allows the components of the bacteria’s cell wall greater freedom to exert these benefits.”

And now I will rock your world!!!!  I cannot find that their product is yet for sale but in looking for it, I came across – for the first time ever – this Akkermansia product produced by the new company, Pendulum Life located in San Francisco!  Their product is $99 for a 30 day supply.  Their medical and scientific advisory boards are impressive and they received funding from even the Mayo Clinic. I cannot tell if the produce is live or pasteurized – the website isn’t clear – so I am assuming live.

I’m giving it a shot, guys.  I was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis – similar in many ways to rheumatoid – and if you remember my post of a couple of weeks ago, RA is now pretty-well established to arise from a loss of gut barrier integrity.  Anyone want to join me in this experiment?


[i] https://www.a-mansia.com/world-first-in-new-generation-ingredient-a-mansia-biotechs-pasteurised-akkermansia-muciniphilais-the-first-next-generation-bacterium-to-get-green-light-from-efsas-scientific-council/


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