D-lactate Acidosis, SIBO, Autism, Chronic Fatigue or…What Happens When Judy Can’t Stop Reading

Because I know how to have fun, I have spent hours and hours over the last 2 days reading about d- lactate acidosis.  I’m not even sure why. It was one of those things, I guess, that suddenly struck me as interesting – and I felt I needed to understand it better. It turns out … Read more

Age (and Eat) Like a Queen Bee

I spent several hours over the last couple of days surfing the internet, looking for interesting things to write about.  Nothing rocked my boat though until I came across an article about the microbiome of honey bees.[i] Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting at first but bear with me for a moment.  … Read more

High on Helminths!

I just stumbled across beyond-cool research which unveils a whole new way helminths may work to reduce inflammation. Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, have discovered that helminths not only manipulate the endocannabinoid system of their hosts, but the organisms themselves produce natural cannabinoids in order to help ensure survival.[i] For those unfamiliar:  endocannabinoids … Read more