Stress and Autoimmune Disease: A Relationship that is Becoming More Defined

One of the big medical news stories of the week was the results of 30 years’ worth of research published in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association), examining the connection between stress and the development of autoimmune disease.[i]  Over 1 million people in Sweden were tracked for 3 decades, and 100,000 of those … Read more

Another Look at the Question of Probiotic Use in Healthy People

There was an interesting discussion on probiotics today on Medical Express, pondering the question of whether or not healthy people should take probiotics.[i]  There’s absolutely no question that we are still in the earliest stages of researching the human biome.  The complexity of it boggles the mind.  So it’s always a good idea to take … Read more

Is a Virus the Ultimate Cause of Parkinson’s?

Many of you may not yet be familiar with the term bacteriophage.  These are viruses that infect bacteria:  literally the word means “bacteria eater.”  I’ve been reading about their  use in treating bacterial infection, as an alternative to antibiotics, especially in this age of growing antibiotic resistance.[i] Just last month, a clinical study was published … Read more