The Gut, the Brain and Mood

There have been multiple articles this week looking at the relationship of our microbes to mood.  I thought this research out of Oxford University[i] was particularly interesting in that, it looked at that relationship from an evolutionary point-of-view. It’s accepted as fact now that our bacterial microbiome has tremendous effect on directing our social behavior, … Read more

Celiac and the Microbiome

I thought this was one of the more interesting and, in a way, hopeful stories I’ve read in the last few weeks. Celiac is yet another autoimmune disease with a rising incidence in the industrialized world.   Those who suffer from it have an abnormal immune reaction to the protein gluten which is found in many … Read more

Autism, the Regulatory Immune System and Microbiome Alterations

Yet another paper was just published this week, confirming yet again that children on the autism spectrum have both dysregulated immune systems and altered bacterial microbiomes.[i] There were certainly some particularly interesting and novel findings in this research. The study consisted of 4 groups of children (a total of 103 were involved):  one with autism … Read more

Yet More New (and Scary) Research on Maternal Immune Activation

An old doctor friend of mine used to always say, “Inflammation is inflammation.”  Truer words were never spoken.  Whether inflammation manifests as swelling because you just broke your leg or an autoimmune disease, ultimately, it’s all the same.  The only difference is, how long the inflammation is present. While, acute inflammation is necessary for survival, … Read more