More New Bacterial Microbiome Research that You Need to Know About

Two new pieces of research came out this week which I need to share. The first I found particularly fascinating.  We know that there is a bi-directional interaction between the central nervous system and the bacterial microbiome, but HOW nerves direct bacteria was unknown.  Researchers at Kiel University, in German, using the freshwater polyp Hydra … Read more

More on the Mycobiome and IBD

I just finished reading a great blog post[i] (by a post-doc scientist at the NIH) on the current state of research into the mycobiome and its effects on inflammatory bowel disease.  I learned several new things…and some things are just so important, they’re worth repeating: Those with inflammatory bowel disease have higher levels of antibodies … Read more

Helminths and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Another Mechanism of Action

Earlier this week, I was looking through old stories in the mainstream media about using helminths therapeutically, and came across a truly excellent one (along with loads of garbage) that I had forgotten about.  It appeared in 2010, in Scientific American, and recounts the story of a man with ulcerative colitis who achieved remission using … Read more

Backwards Evolution? The Case of the Increasing Allergies

I thought I’d tell you about a little noted news report[i] that seemed to receiver remarkably little attention.   According to the nonprofit organization FAIR health, severe allergic reactions to food  skyrocketed nearly 400% over the last decade.  The researchers analyzed private insurance claims in the United States involving anaphylactic food reactions. Peanuts were the most … Read more

Multiple Sclerosis: Looks Likely that it’s the Result of Altered Gut Bacteria

Trending this week in the world of the biome are two new papers[i] that  definitively show that not only does multiple sclerosis starts in the gut but also, how the gut bacteria make the immune system turn against brain nerve cells. The first paper, out of the University of California, San Francisco, showed that two … Read more

Cutting Inflammation to Reduce the Risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

I just spotted a little article[i] about “four modifiable risk factors” that can potentially “…cut the growing global incidence of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD…”  As I’ve written about before, both AD and PD are very personal to me:  my Grandmother died of dementia and I currently have 3 friends diagnosed, in their … Read more