Tweaking Our Bacterial Microbiota to Get it to Treat Disease…Incredible!

I thought this research[i], just published in the journal, Nature, was amazing!  Researchers at Rockefeller University and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital figured out a way of genetically modifying our own natural gut bacteria in order to have them produce the exact molecules needed to tell cells to reduce glucose in … Read more

Yes Probiotics or No Probiotics…That is the Question

Yesterday I read an article in Forbes summarizing some of the recent research on the gut bacteria/brain link, entitled, “Science Is Showing How Gut Bacteria Affect the Brain, But Don’t Bother Taking Probiotics Yet.”[i] “Scientific research is nearing a consensus that bacteria in our digestive systems affect our brains.  The microbiome in our guts, populated … Read more

Big News on the Gut-Brain Connection

The big biome news of the week was a study out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that found a 3-way communication process between gut bacteria, cortisol (our “stress hormone”) and brain metabolites (which can greatly alter brain development).[i]  The findings are early stage but may be of particular importance in that, the chemicals … Read more

More on the Importance of Prebiotics

The recent research out of the University of California Davis on how prebiotics improve the quality of the microbiome is particularly fascinating.[i]  There is a constant battle between various bacterial species in the gut for dominance.  Prebiotics, you’ll recall, are indigestible dietary fibers that feed bacteria.  Certain foods are high in these fibers, like garlic, … Read more

Migraine, Inflammation and Gut Bacteria

There was an article in Quartz this week about research, just published, showing that migraine is likely an inflammatory illness, not one of the central nervous system as it is currently classified.[i] Researchers at the University of Chicago found that migraine was genetically correlated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and environmentally correlated with urethritis (which … Read more

Autism and Antibiotics

This week, I thought I’d spend some time going back to some of my personal favorite gut papers over the years.  I’m making today a TBT (throw back Tuesday)! In 2010, at an autism conference, I saw Dr. Jeremy Nicolson of Imperial College London present the findings he was just publishing in the Journal of … Read more

Rewilding?…well, sort of

An interesting thought struck me yesterday, as I sat at my desk reading up on the week’s latest stories.  In Big Think[i], there was a nice article about “rewilding” our diets to improve our bacterial microbiome.  There were a few excellent take-away points: “The process of rewilding your diet is possible anywhere, through cues taken … Read more

Chronic Fatigue and Inflammation

I’ve written before about the times years back when people with chronic fatigue syndrome were vilified as “lazy.” In that post, I talked about recent research looking at alterations in the gut bacteria as being associated with the disease. Yesterday, the big health news [i]  came out of Stanford University School of Medicine identifying 17 … Read more