Autism, the Biome and Extreme Frustration

Fortunately, it’s a beautiful summer day outside and Alex has had a great few days… or else, I’d really be in one of my moods.  Why?  “Experts have called for large-scale studies into altering the make-up of bacteria in the gut, after a review showed that this might reduce the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Until now, caregivers have relied on rehabilitation, educational interventions and drugs to reduce ASD symptoms, but now researchers suggest that treating this condition could be as simple as changing their diet.”[i]

Ah!!!!! Now that experts have declared that diet may help, it must be so.

The fact is parents, me included, have been telling (screaming from the rafters, actually) the scientific and medical communities this for decades

One of the scientists involved in this cutting-edge research (that was sarcastic), Dr. Qinrui Li, is quoted saying, “Our review look looked at taking probiotics, prebiotics, changing the diet…and faecal matter transplants.  All had a positive impact on symptoms.”

Well, like, duh.

(Oops.  I guess I’m in a mood after all!)

You really do have to wonder, how much further along autism research would be right now, if the scientific community paid the slightest bit of attention to what those living with autism say.  Dr. Li acknowledges that “To date there are no effective therapies to treat this range of brain developmental disorders,” and that “The number of people being diagnosed with ASD is on the rise.”   His conclusion, though, in my opinion, is everything that is currently wrong with science:  “We are encouraged by our findings, but there is no doubt that further work needs to be carried out in this field….For now, behavioral therapies remain the best way to treat ASD.”

Right.  So, you can put your 2 year old newly-diagnosed child on a special diet (especially the  Specific Carbohydrate Diet, in my opinion!), probiotics and prebiotics and hopefully normalize his gut flora thereby possibly improving his autism symptoms…or you cannot, because the medical establishment has not yet totally conclusively decided it can help.

It sure as hell can’t hurt though, can it?

If you ask me – and unfortunately no one does! – any doctor who sees a child with autism and does not tell the parents to use diet, and other gut microbiota interventions, is guilty of negligent malpractice.



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