The Human “omes”

The importance of the microbiome to human health can’t be overstated, but this is only one part of a much vaster biomic whole.  My guess is that because we know more (as little as that is!) about our resident bacteria at the moment – they have been recognized and studied longer than our other old … More The Human “omes”

Moms Are Always Right

EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! A couple of days ago, I spotted a remarkable article[i] on Medical Express describing new research into the effects of dietary fiber on the health of the intestine.  The article discusses a new paper[ii] in the journal Cell, written by an international team of researchers showing the impact (in mice) of fiber … More Moms Are Always Right

Diet and Mental Health

Diet Plays Important Role for Mental Health says the Association for Psychological Science in an article published on November 17.[i] I will refrain from sarcasm here (not even a single “Really?! Who knew?!” (oops…that one just slipped out, darn it!….)) because at least they did write about it and are looking at the science.  This … More Diet and Mental Health

Psychobiomics (Part 1): A Little About the Immune System–Brain Connection

I recently did a couple of webinars on the biome for practitioners down in Australia.  In preparing my slides, I came across some amazing (and terrifying) statistics.  According to the CDC in the US, 7.6% of Americans aged 12 and over have had moderate to severe depression in the past 2 weeks.  In Australia, a … More Psychobiomics (Part 1): A Little About the Immune System–Brain Connection

What’s in a Name?

Every morning I read through all the latest news on the biome, both micro and macro.  I am excited about the onslaught of new research looking at the gut-brain connection.  As I mentioned in my previous post, this concept was the basis of my very first lesson on chronic illness.  (In my case, my son’s … More What’s in a Name?