The Human “omes”

The importance of the microbiome to human health can’t be overstated, but this is only one part of a much vaster biomic whole.  My guess is that because we know more (as little as that is!) about our resident bacteria at the moment – they have been recognized and studied longer than our other old … Read more

Moms Are Always Right

EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! A couple of days ago, I spotted a remarkable article[i] on Medical Express describing new research into the effects of dietary fiber on the health of the intestine.  The article discusses a new paper[ii] in the journal Cell, written by an international team of researchers showing the impact (in mice) of fiber … Read more

Diet and Mental Health

Diet Plays Important Role for Mental Health says the Association for Psychological Science in an article published on November 17.[i] I will refrain from sarcasm here (not even a single “Really?! Who knew?!” (oops…that one just slipped out, darn it!….)) because at least they did write about it and are looking at the science.  This … Read more

Probiotics and Cognition

This morning, I read about a really interesting randomized, double-blind study[i] done on 60 patients with Alzheimer’s disease.  30 of the patients were in the control group, and were just given ordinary milk.  The 2nd group of 30 was given milk with a mixture of high-dose probiotics.  The probiotic mixture had four kinds of probiotic … Read more

The Biome/Brain Connection

We know that the brain and immune system are directly connected. We know that 70% or more of that same immune system is located in the lining of the nose and digestive system.  And we know that the digestive system is directly connected to the brain. While we’ve known much of this for decades (except … Read more

Psychobiomics (Part 1): A Little About the Immune System–Brain Connection

I recently did a couple of webinars on the biome for practitioners down in Australia.  In preparing my slides, I came across some amazing (and terrifying) statistics.  According to the CDC in the US, 7.6% of Americans aged 12 and over have had moderate to severe depression in the past 2 weeks.  In Australia, a … Read more

What’s in a Name?

Every morning I read through all the latest news on the biome, both micro and macro.  I am excited about the onslaught of new research looking at the gut-brain connection.  As I mentioned in my previous post, this concept was the basis of my very first lesson on chronic illness.  (In my case, my son’s … Read more